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"We wanted the ability to send account statements via fax as well as email. By using PDF eburst to send emails tagged with a fax number, we are able to use an internet faxing service to successfully send our account statements out via fax in large batches. No more manual faxing of statements. We simply open the PDF file with the fax number tagged for eburst, and click process. Hundreds of faxes are sent. The internet fax service we use is a pay by the minute rather than the page, so the cost per page is about $.05 per page and they are sent instantaneously. We also use PDF eburst to send statements via email to those customers who do not have a fax number on file. PDF eburst will save us countless hours of faxing and mailing statements. Since we started using the service, our on time accounts receivable payments improved dramatically". Brad with a specialty board game company."


"PDFeBurst is a cost effective tool as it allows us to email payment notifications from one push of a button." An IT Professional Services company (Finance Department) in Canada."


?/font>I am the Database Administrator for the Duke Office of CME.  We purchased your software last year to help with our fiscal year transcripts.  Prior to PDFeBurst we had to print, fold, and mail approximately 1100 transcripts.  This was quite a labor-intensive task, and also quite costly considering the price of postage.  PDFeBurst has drastically reduced our postage expenses, and our processing time is now hours instead of days.  Thanks for a great product.?/span> John E. Johnson.


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�PDFeBurst is a truly innovative product designed to speed communication and information distribution in today's fast-paced community. Their  support was very helpful and genuinely interested and committed to helping us when a technical issue arose. It is a program with a great potential to streamline a wide range of processes."

Keitha Robertson, Computer Support Specialist at a Major University in Texas.


"PDFeBurst is a great product and saves my customers a great deal of time.  Thanks PDFeBurst!"

Information Services Department, NACDS, Alexandria, VA.


"PDFeBurst has greatly simplified our weekly reporting to our representatives."

 Treasurer, The Bible Story Company, Decatur, GA.


A research company in Philadelphia Pa:

"PDFeBurst solved a real problem for us in combination with R & R Report Writer. We need to distribute some reports for multi-unit restaurant chains to every location. PDFeBurst allows us to email hundreds of locations timely, user friendly reports very efficiently and reliably." Dave Leonard, Focus On Service.

"PDFeBurst has proved very useful at our Hospitals, and has eased the burden on our Payroll staffs significantly. in addition, the TECHNICAL Support staff was very helpful in resolving our installation and deployment problems.

"We have been utilizing PDF and email for a few years. PDFeBurst has greatly enhanced our efficiency with time saved alone. We now have the ability with automating unlimited emails in one step versus the "one email at a time" method. Adobe should have thought of this years ago. Great job PDFeBurst!" Government Contractor in Rockville, Maryland.

"AC Colombia (www.eancol.org) uses PDFeburst along with NumRot (www.numrot.com) a document composition system
to produce 6000  invoices in PDF format and e-mail them."




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